Business Focus

Upstream Oil and Gas

We represent and advise oil and gas companies exploring and producing within the rich petroleum basins of the South China Sea who are also looking for upstream opportunities in Asia. We provide updates on developments in the upstream oil and gas sector in the region and are active in establishing joint exploration activities among state-owned and private oil and gas companies.

Downstream Oil and Gas

In the Philippines’ deregulated petroleum industry, we provide regional and new industry entrants with advice and insight on expanding market reach and improving market position. Given the archipelagic nature of the Philippines, the downstream petroleum sector provides excellent opportunities for growth.

Power Generation, Transmission and Distribution

We are active in the power sector representing international independent power producers bidding for power assets being privatized or divesting ownership in power projects. We also provide advice to international trading firms keen on investing in the generation business and distribution. We continue to search for opportunities for clients who are interested in power development programs in Southeast Asia.

Renewable Power

We are active in the renewable power sector with advisory mandates for wind farms and other renewable power projects. We also assist clients in securing needed financing for projects that generate carbon credits.

Alternative Fuels

We are very much in the thick of developments in the biofuels sector. We advise proponents of bioethanol and biodiesel projects and have prepared comprehensive feasibility studies for bioethanol and biodiesel projects in India and the Philippines.

Energy Policy and Research

We provide policy and regulatory advice to investment banks, multilateral institutions and policy makers seeking our experience in the public and private dimensions of the energy sector. We do this across the energy spectrum as we constantly interact with policy-makers, market-makers and regulators.